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Community Relations

Loftware places great importance on community service, and the entire Loftware team prides itself on their social consciousness. At Loftware we believe it’s our responsibility to have a positive impact on the communities where our business is situated and where our employees reside. We also feel that to build a great business, companies need to operate in a global society consciously. So it is our vision that together we will act as valuable members of that society and effect positive change.

Over the years Loftware and its employees have contributed to a number of charitable organizations, helping kids, families and communities in need. This initiative includes helping to feed the hungry, provide for families during the holidays, raise funds for health issues, offer disaster relief and recognize our company’s military.

Loftware is truly grateful for the service of the men and women in the NH Seacoast who choose to serve our country. We have great respect and admiration for those who put their lives on hold and place themselves in grave danger to protect our country. The dedication and sacrifice made by those individuals and their families, does not go unnoticed by Loftware. The company and its employees also recognize that commitment through their involvement and support of local military organizations including Veterans Count and the Pease Greeters program at Pease Tradeport.

The company and its employees also do their part to create a better more sustainable environment by participating in programs to encourage a cleaner, greener earth.

Loftware Supports these Programs:

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