Why Not Labeling to Cure Pharma Supply Chain Ills?

by Craig Hodgson, on April 4, 2017

Talk to most professionals involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain and they’ll readily admit it’s a complex, cumbersome beast to manage. From the need to comply with US and international track and trace directives to the coordination of so many partners in the manufacturing and distribution of product, it’s an ongoing battle. There’s also the challenge of managing multiple systems serving multiple teams (e.g., Quality, Regulatory, Logistics) within the organization. The term “herding cats” is often used to describe this daily effort.

In the relentless pursuit to improve efficiency, reduce costs and, of course, sustain compliance with regulations, why not rethink the label that goes on the product?

Yes, everyone can agree that the label is a core element in the packaging of pharmaceuticals. And the FDA's DSCSA manadate will require that beginning this November every drug in the US must be marked with a serial number for precise tracking and tracing across the extended supply chain. But beyond serialization, if you look closer at pharmaceutical labeling and your labeling process, there are significant gains that can be realized to relieve some of your supply chain aches and pains.

Indeed, in a nutshell the right labeling solution can help you lower operating costs, eliminate errors, empower business users (while reducing the burden on IT), simplify template maintenance, improve partner collaboration, reduce inventory, navigate mergers and acquisitions, expand into global markets, speed up delivery times, and break down internal barriers. Too good to be true?

Laura's new photo.jpgFind out for yourself and check out a brand new report “6 Vital Questions (and Answers) on Pharmaceutical Labeling” featuring Loftware’s industry specialist Laura Johnson. This easy-read, interview-style document brings fresh perspective on many of the challenges you deal with on a daily basis. Labeling isn’t a cure-all for what ails you, but it certainly can play a bigger role than many people think.

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