Why is training users important for barcode labeling?

by Maureen Perroni, on February 11, 2016

Screen_Shot_2015-12-09_at_9.29.38_AM-1Training is a critical step in educating users and administrators on the capabilities and options available to them that can be employed to best meet the labeling requirements for the business. And, getting that training directly from the people who developed the solution offers a real advantage. 

There are different types of training for different types of users. It’s important training is tailored so that the correct users are being educated on capabilities that are relevant to the job function and that the level of knowledge they receive allows them to get the most out of the solution. Training can range from system administrator training that covers the install, the support, and troubleshooting of the solution to user training that focuses on designing barcode labels and for those configuring systems, adding users, and adding permissions.

Initial training takes place at implementation time so the users know exactly how to use the new system, how to design labels, how to print from it and how to trouble shoot issues.  There is also ongoing training provided by the barcode labeling software manufacturer, which assists with the organization’s growth. This can take the form of a best practices refresher or training for new employees that need to understand how to best use the solution that is already in place.  It’s also very important to offer training for new functionality for any new product releases. When a company upgrades and is provided with a lot of new enhancements it’s important that they’re trained on how to use new capabilities to maximize your business benefit.

Gaining the proper insight and making sure the right people understand individual roles is critical to making sure an Enterprise Labeling Solution is running optimally and that the business is getting the most out of an investment.

For more information on the importance of support and best practices in barcode labeling download this paper.

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