[Video] Why is UDI labeling so important?

by Jon Jagelsky, on February 3, 2016


The medical device industry has grown rapidly in recent years, and may soon outpace pharmaceuticals. For this reason, the FDA is in the process of implementing UDI regulations to improve device safety.

A UDI, or unique device identification, is a number placed on each medical device that allows the FDA to keep a record of every device sold and used in the U.S., making it easier to track them throughout the supply chain.

In the event that problem arises with a specific medical device, the presence of a UDI makes it much easier to conduct a recall in a timely manner. In addition, manufacturers can use this tool to collect information and improve their product.

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Also, for more information on medical device labeling and UDI regulations, check out our webinar on the challenges of UDI.

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