Which types of applications are companies integrating with labeling?

by Maureen Perroni, on January 21, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-01-21_at_9.16.37_AMThere is a wide range of different enterprise applications and data repositories that could be integrated with labeling. Ultimately, business systems simply reflect the data that needs to appear on the label. 

The data can come from almost any type of application, whether it’s regulatory data that comes from various regulatory databases, or data that comes from a PLM system or a content management system or something like SAP’s EHS module.

Most often, transactional information will flow from an ERP system, warehouse management or supply chain management application, or even an MES application. These systems provide a wide range of data that may appear on the label including customer, product, manufacturing, and inventory information as well as transactional data, such as lot and batch numbers, work orders or PO numbers.

It’s generally a case-by-case situation as far as what types of applications are used to integrate to labeling. There are different systems that integrate in different ways with different technologies. So what’s really important is that you have a vehicle to integrate with all those different systems. What’s critical is to be able to integrate to the complete range of sources for labeling, data and images. If you can’t access the data you need, then you run in to a situation where you’re limited in terms of what information can appear on a label or what’s worse, you need to manually add information to labels which can dramatically increases labeling errors.

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