What role does IT play with Your label design?

by Maureen Perroni, on March 10, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-01-27_at_11.37.36_AMIT plays a critical role in the labeling process, although it doesn’t need to involve actual label design. Their job is to provide the labeling system with the data it needs, when it’s needed. 

Having IT manage the data is imperative. They are the keepers of the sources of truth for the data that’s appears on a label.  To access the sources of truth, IT needs to identify and maintain the integration points with the ERP system or other enterprise applications or repositories that connect with the labeling solution. These data integration points are independent of label design. Just as you don’t want IT to worry about label design, you don’t want label designers to worry about whether they’re accessing the right data.

Beyond being the keeper and integrator of the data, IT’s role with respect to label design is essential, ensuring access, security, and connectivity. But in terms of an actual direct role with respect to designing labels, the best practice is for IT to cede control over label creation and maintenance to the business.

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