Webinar with GS1: Make UDI Labeling a Program, Not a Project

by Craig Hodgson, on March 3, 2017

Even with key UDI deadlines behind them, many medical device companies continue to struggle with compliance. Quick-fix solutions to meet UDI labeling requirements create inefficiencies that slow production and increase the likelihood of errors, fines or worse. What’s needed is a holistic, integrated approach to UDI and GS1 compliant barcodes.

Mark your calendar now and sign up for this timely, informative webinar during which you'll learn how GS1 standards, combined with enterprise medical device labeling, will help you:

  • Develop a standardized program for UDI compliance across your organization
  • Create a closed-loop process for gathering and managing UDI data
  • Integrate ERP, PLM and other trusted sources to ensure label accuracy, consistency
  • Scale and expand your program to include partners and meet international requirements

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Date: Thursday, March 9, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Greg Bylo, GS1 US’s VP of Healthcare, will provide insight into the standards and technology—avGS1 US's VP of Healthcare Greg Byloailable today—that will help you ensure sustained compliance with the FDA's UDI regulations while improving overall supply chain performance.

At GS1 US, Greg leads GS1 Healthcare US®, an industry-wide initiative combining pharmaceutical, medical device, provider, and patient care professionals that are collaborating to drive the adoption of GS1 Standards for improved patient safety and supply chain performance in the healthcare industry.

Register now for the live webinar "Make UDI Labeling a Program, Not a Project" and get the valuable insight you need to help overcome your regulatory labeling challenges.

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