[Video] Is the Future of Manufacturing On-Demand?

by Maureen Perroni, on May 25, 2016


Is the future of manufacturing going to be on-demand? 

If firms embrace 3D printing, it just might.

Last week, for example,UPS and SAP announced a partnership that will provide an on-demand network for companies looking to create and ship 3D-printed products. Firms would have access to the printers without having to buy them outright, making this the perfect system for small-batch jobs.

For manufacturers, this means a level of flexibility that was previously unattainable. But any firm looking to embrace on-demand manufacturing also needs an Enterprise Labeling Solution that can create accurate barcode labels for 3D-printed products. Loftware allows users to make rapid labeling changes as needed and keep up with the fast pace that the modern manufacturing industry requires.

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