[Video] Barcode Labeling History: The Future of Barcodes

by Maureen Perroni, on August 3, 2016


Today, barcodes are everywhere. Manufacturers and warehouses use them to track products as they move through the supply chain. Retailers use them to keep inventory and give us accurate price readings when we shop.

Like with so many other proven technologies, it can be difficult to see where improvement might be necessary. But in an increasingly connected world, demand for easily scannable information will only increase. The next generation of barcodes will have to hold much more than their existing counterparts.

For instance, while simple, one-dimensional barcodes can only store 85 characters, two-dimensional barcodes such as QR codes can store thousands. This will make it possible to meet more complex labeling requirements without the need for additional scanning.

Enterprise Labeling Solutions make designing barcodes intuitive and easy. As the technology grows more advanced, users will find that they have an unprecedented level of flexibility to create what best serves their needs in the years to come.

For more on barcode labeling check out the special report from Loftware and industry analyst, VDC Research.

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