[Video] Apparel Manufacturing Poised to Be Big Job Engine

by Scott Vigneault, on May 11, 2016


In the developing world, apparel manufacturing is poised to employ millions of people in the coming years. But growing firms have a number of hurdles to overcome in a complex and competitive global marketplace.

In a new report of global trade, the World Bank estimates that export-oriented apparel manufacturing has the potential to create many new, higher-paying jobs in India and South Asia in the coming years. This is partially a response to growing global demand for these products, and also to rising wages in China.

But the budding industries in these countries must contend with a number of business and regulatory challenges, including labeling requirements.

Loftware helps firms master these issues by dynamically managing labeling for greater efficiency. Automating this process allows manufacturers to stay nimble in a complex global economy.

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