[Video] 2016 Top 5 Labeling Trends: Global Regulations

by Maureen Perroni, on November 2, 2016

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In a global economy, governments are working together to craft new regulations that affect a wide range of industries. Whether it is to streamline the supply chain or clarify safety labeling requirements, these rules demand a quick response from companies that wish to avoid fines and other penalties.

Companies that participate in global trade need their labeling to be both dynamic and data-driven in order to keep up with the pace of regulation. New rules are rarely set in stone as soon as they are enacted, as policymakers tweak specific provisions to improve effectiveness and close loopholes.

Our survey of professionals found that virtually all believe that regulatory labeling requirements will be more important three years from now. An Enterprise Labeling Solution can help companies standardize their process so they can always keep up with the fast pace of regulation.

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