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by Joe Longo, on August 20, 2020

Ever since Gordon Moore predicted the doubling of the components on an integrated circuit every two years, the demand for electronic components expanded with their growth in performance and reduction …

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by Liam Conlin, on November 12, 2019

Labels with digital components have a rising presence across industries. Across industries and regions, companies have been embracing e-labeling, whether because they are mandated by law or simply looking for …

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by Joe Longo, on August 13, 2018

Electronics counterfeiting is a serious problem that ramps up in times of demand. Counterfeiting of components is a major threat to your electronics business. When falsified components enter your manufacturing …

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Topics:ElectronicsCounterfeitingTrack & Traceability

by Joe Longo, on March 2, 2018

New components are defining electronics demand. The electronics market has spent the past few decades as a valuable and essential field, producing and delivering the parts that have kept other …

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Topics:ElectronicsSupply ChainManufacturingLabeling

by Joe Longo, on November 27, 2017

Material restrictions in electronics remain important - and varied. Ensuring that electronics products are free of hazardous materials - and providing the proper documentation and labeling to authorities - is …

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by Joe Longo, on October 13, 2017

Electronic devices can be sold around the world, as long as manufacturers prepare. Selling electronics is a worldwide enterprise today. Personal devices and business products alike have global appeal, and manufacturers …

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by Joe Longo, on September 20, 2017

The global device market has generated new challenges for electronics manufacturers. A global market for finished electronics and supply chains that span the world have combined to give the entire industry …

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Topics:Consumer ProductsElectronicsCounterfeitingSupply ChainManufacturingLogistics

by Harald Desjarlais, on August 14, 2017

Components within vehicles have become a major electronics market focus. Electronics component manufacturers have seen revolutions in consumer goods in recent years, as sensors, screens and other elements have entered …

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by Joe Longo, on May 1, 2017

Find out how one of Lofware's customers was able to integrate their Enterprise Labeling with Oracle to achieve accuracy and consistency. This US-based electronics manufacturer was experiencing signignificant growth but was …

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by Joe Longo, on April 25, 2017

RoHS is relevant to all electronics manufacturers hoping to enter the European market. When companies create electronics for sale and use in the European Union, they must be sure their …

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Topics:ElectronicsSupply ChainRegulatoryManufacturing

by Scott Vigneault, on April 10, 2017

Keeping the electronics supply chain free of fakes is critical. Counterfeiters sense opportunity in the electronics sector, and companies representing every link of the supply chain have to be ready to …

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Topics:ElectronicsCounterfeitingSupply ChainRegulatoryManufacturing

by Maureen Perroni, on April 6, 2017

A US-based electronics manufacturer was experiencing significant growth but having difficulty scaling business processes to meet their global needs. The company, which has over 2,000 global customer and 12 sites across …

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by Craig Hodgson, on March 17, 2017

Electronics counterfeiting continues to be a hot-button issue as manufacturers lose $160B+ annually in revenue. Even more concerning is the significant health and safety hazard facing consumers who unknowingly purchase …

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Topics:ElectronicsCounterfeitingSupply ChainLabeling

by Joe Longo, on February 7, 2017

Some reports estimate that up to 8% of total market revenue for electronics components are diverted through the gray market. For the semiconductor industry alone, which earned almost $336 billion …

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by Joe Longo, on January 30, 2017

While the global supply chain has made accessing affordable hardware easier than ever before, it has also led to higher levels of counterfeiting. PC users and large-scale enterprises depend on …

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