The Value of Extending Labeling to Your Supply Chain

by Christian Mueller, on January 21, 2020

Our latest publication ‘In2 Unlocking Efficiencies’ looks at the benefits your business can realize by extending labeling processes to your supply chain.

Across all industries, many businesses are reaping the efficiency benefits that come from adopting an Enterprise Labeling approach throughout their operations. But are you maximizing the benefits for your business? With Loftware’s solutions your labeling processes can now be extended to include your supply chain partners too.

As a result, suppliers can securely access and print your labels locally to meet the requirements that your downstream process requires and you can be confident that the data they use is up-to-date and accurate.

So, what are the three sure signs to look out for to know if your business would benefit from extending labeling processes to the supply chain?

1. Suppliers expected to get it right without support

Inbound materials may well be labeled, but the usefulness of that label will be in the hands of the supplier. If the label data isn’t accurate or is not exactly as you need it to support the next stage of production you will no-doubt face timely delays.

2. Suppliers issued with labeling guidelines

If label guidelines are being shared with suppliers, it’s most likely as a PDF with the correct formatting so it can be easily replicated. However, this assumes suppliers are using the most recent template and have access to all the relevant information from the manufacturer. And even with those guidelines, the most useful or business-critical details may still be absent.

A new requirement will inevitably come along, such as the need to update branding or a change in internal requirements. Your suppliers can update accordingly, but it will take time and result in additional labeling at your end while the changes are put into production. That means extra delay, cost, labor, and resource, potentially for a part or good that is urgently needed.

3. Suppliers provided with pre-printed labels

Manufacturers may try to get around some of the issues they face and make it easier on their suppliers, by pre-printing the labels they want to see on materials. While this gives a greater degree of control, there is no certainty they will be applied to the right shipments. Bulk supplies of labels become obsolete with the first change, creating significant waste and heightening the possibility of theft or counterfeiting.

Sound familiar?

If these rings true for your business, take a look at our latest report to find out how we can help you to overcome them and realize considerable benefits as a result.

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