The State of Food & Beverage Labeling

by Maureen Perroni, on December 21, 2017

Welcome back to the Loftware blog, where we're reviewing the state of the enterprise labeling industry as 2017 comes to a close.

The food labeling sector has been very active this year.

As the calendar turns over, the exact status of some rules, such as genetically modified organism labeling requirements, are still up in the air.

The initially passed GMO food labeling law would allow companies to use QR codes on packaging to disclose a product's GMO status.

Whether this restriction will end up in the final draft of the law by the July 2018 deadline to finalize the rules is the subject of discussion, research and argument. Food producers will have to take a wait-and-see approach for now and be ready for change to occur soon.

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more end-of-year insights.

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