The Shift Towards Personalized & Sustainable Packaging

by Dalton Litzelman, on March 31, 2020

Your product packaging communicates many things from your company’s image to product and safety information. At first glance it might not seem like a lot to manage, but there are many layers to overseeing new product development. From sourcing materials and embracing new technology to customization of product artwork. But, how effective is your Artwork Management Process?

Not only are you dealing with the customer and regulatory requirements for packaging, but you also need to keep with smart and sustainable packaging trends. There has been an clear emphasis on personalized products with eco-friendly materials and measures. As brands incorporate these new elements into their packaging strategy, they must re-evaluate their processes and solutions to ensure they can meet all the requirements which impact everything from artwork, production and printing to supply chain strategy.

The Emphasis on Sustainability
I’m sure you have recognized the shift in focus when it comes to sustainable eco-friendly material. Not only is there a social corporate responsibility playing into the increase of sustainable packaging, but there are also regulations impacting the industry. On the corporate side we face rising transportation and warehousing costs, however, the call to improve packaging offers many benefits. By improving your packaging engineering, you can reduce waste and improve supply chain efficiencies while reducing costs.

How Does Customization Come into Play?

Along with sustainability, there is a shift towards personalization which has a profound impact on your business. Consumers have started to expect more attention and personalized products to meet their specific needs. As a matter of fact, in a recent Trends survey conducted by Loftware, we found that 55% of respondents are concerned with their ability to support custom and personalized product variations. At the same time, we also found that 40% of respondents reported they have sustainability initiatives around packaging in their supply chain. Because of this shift, companies need to better manage packaging because there is a direct impact on purchasing and sales.

Why Stop There?

If you're attempting to manage the increasing level of product variations then you'll want to streamline efforts with an an automated artwork management solution which offers a configurable workflow framework. This allows stakeholders to control the process and offers complete visibility for content changes throughout the product's lifecycle. Ultimately, this will enable you to  eliminate tedious manual processes and reduce review cycles while bettering time to market.

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