The Medical Device Supply Chain: Coping with Change

by Keith Wheeler, on May 13, 2021

Unexpected supply chain disruptions impacted nearly every industry since March 2020, and medical device companies have needed to withstand particular challenges. Although your mind may immediately think of PPE, ventilator, vaccine and syringe manufacturers in this scenario, companies across every vertical—not just those that are COVID-specific—have been affected. 

Largely, the challenge has been shifting both production and supply, which has multidimensional aspects. In an industry where precision and quality are paramount, supply chain resources and quality assurance teams have been impacted by COVID protocols, including having limited access to sites.  

Enterprise Labeling has become the glue that must hold a rapidly changing medical device supply chain together. If a manufacturer can’t shift labeling to meet production in a timely manner, their products may not get to where they needed in a critical timeframe. 
Medical device companies need to anticipate and manage labeling risks. In the latest report, How Labeling Can Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions for Medical Device Manufacturers, we explore why it is critical to have a centralized system with controlled access for suppliers to print approved labeling templates and content at their facilities. 

Download the reportand find out how an Enterprise Labeling solution allows you to: 

  • Shift production more efficiently between locations/sites 
  • Effectively manage a flexible supply chain 
  • Meet changing demands by extending label access to suppliers 
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