The disruptive force of “The Cloud”

by Josh Roffman, on February 9, 2016


The disruptive force of “The Cloud” was front and center at Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience conference last week in San Jose, California. During this event Oracle presented its path for the future for its supply chain applications and not surprisingly the cloud is at the center of their plans. Oracle asserted that the market for supply chain applications on the cloud would grow from $1.8 billion in 2013 to $4.4 billion in 2018, which is a very significant 19% CAGR.

Rick Jewell, Oracle’s Senior Vice President, Applications Development stated that at Oracle, “100% of all new applications will be built for the cloud and at some point of 100% of customers will migrate to the cloud.” This clearly, provides some visibility into Oracle’s strategy vis-à-vis the cloud. In his keynote, Jewell also highlighted some of the realities that that supply chains are facing including escalating complexity, cost pressures, accelerating change, and skills shortages. He surmised that these are precisely the reasons that companies are looking to embrace cloud based supply chain solutions that can offer lower TCO, be responsive to change, enable innovative solutions, and improve the modern user experience.

The evolution of the modern supply chain and disruptive technologies like cloud computing are clearly changing the way leading enterprise application providers and companies are thinking about the solutions they will implement in the future. Barcode labeling is certainly an area that is not exempt from these trends. In fact, last week’s 2016 Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling webinar focused on the impact of technology on labeling across global supply chains.

In this year’s Top 5 Trends survey, respondents said that 63% of all enterprise applications being deployed in the next three years will be deployed in the cloud. As companies continue to think differently about how applications will be delivered, they are at the same time thinking differently about how labeling is incorporated with their business and deployment models. We are actively working with some of the biggest companies in the world to help them standardize labeling across their operations and also look to centralize to streamline maintenance and ensure higher levels of consistency. Delivering labeling solutions that can support browser based use and cloud based deployment is more vital to these organizations than ever.

Where is the cloud taking you’re your labeling, your supply chain, and your business? 

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