The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 6 [Video]

by Maureen Perroni, on May 3, 2017

Welcome back to the Loftware blog and our series on the state of barcode labeling today.

Business leaders are abandoning traditional models for software deployment and purchasing, and heading into the cloud. This affects the ways they select labeling software.

Companies are enjoying the flexibility of buying cloud-based software and assigning different access levels to employees throughout the supply chain. In addition to enabling new deployment models, cloud solutions require less spending on in-house IT labor and hardware.

Labeling solutions today should be able to integrate with other business systems, whether those deployments have migrated to the cloud are hosted on traditional architecture.

Thanks for joining us. Check back soon for more on the evolving trends behind modern barcode labeling.

Also, for more on the "Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling" check out our recent paper created with VDC Research.

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