The Benefits of an End-to-End Labeling and Artwork Solution

by Marc Corriveau, on January 10, 2020

Have you heard? This year Top 5 Trends in Labeling and Packaging Artwork has been released and you are not going to want to miss the latest insight into this year’s trends. For this year’s seventh annual Top 5 Trends in Labeling and Packaging, Loftware polled nearly 1,000 professionals from organizations across all major industries and 55 countries to gather insights into the major trends in Labeling and Packaging for 2020. It’s no secret that labeling has a significant impact on your business and supply chain efficiencies. Are you doing all that you can to keep up with the current trends?

The first trend that you should be aware of is the rise of end-to-end solutions.  This approach to packaging and labeling enables consistency as well as reduces errors and promotes efficiency by eliminating middle layers, multiple steps, and taking confusion out of the problem. You can think of it this way; you want everyone on your labeling and packaging artwork team to have appropriate visibility into a project. A single solution that allows stakeholders to create, manage, and design your labeling and packaging artwork will make execution of the project much more efficient.

As a matter of fact, 56% of those surveyed reported that they currently do have content being used for both labeling and artwork management and 86% see value in having on single repository for all labeling and artwork content. Why not work smarter and enhance the process by introducing an end-to-end solution? Think about all the time you can save by terminating unnecessary steps.

Why else might you want to connect your labeling and artwork solution in an end-to-end platform?

That’s a great question. For one, customer and regulatory requirements are ever changing, and it is important to have a solution that allows for adaptability. Labeling and packaging artwork is an unforgiving necessity as a slight error in font or size could cause major repercussions on product release or in that product's travel throughout the global supply chain. The last thing you would want is a product recall that costs an exorbitant amount of money. By taking a holistic view of Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management, companies can significantly improve operations and manage both labels and packaging artwork simultaneously.

Another reason to implement an end-to-end solution is to eliminate redundancies. You may have noticed there are a lot of commonalities in the content on a shipping label and on the packaging artwork.  For that reason, why would you want to manage the content separately?

You should also consider the competitive advantage you gain by introducing an end-to-end solution. Companies that utilize the powers of the solution meet the full scope of their requirements for bringing product to market and doing so quickly, efficiently and more competitively. If you can manage and source content centrally, you can guarantee accuracy and consistency, mitigate risk, increase agility, optimize costs and continue efforts to expand globally. Ultimately, this is why 85% of all respondents see value in having a combined end-to-end platform for labeling and packaging artwork management.

For more information on this year's trends, you can download the full report. Click here to download 2020's Top 5 Trends in Labeling and Packaging Artwork.

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