Cloud Labeling - Reduced Maintenance and Streamlined Deployment

by Max Manikian, on July 20, 2021

Have you ever thought about the advantages of enlisting in a standardized and centralized approach to labeling? Allow me to explain how labeling in this manner offers reduced maintenance and streamlined deployment. For starters, let’s look at the label operating processes associated with many organizations.

Many companies deal with multiple labeling solutions. Although they don’t intend to set up and manage a range of disconnected, or homegrown labeling solutions, it happens anyway. Ultimately, this leads to added costs and increased time needed to manage each solution. Needless to say, the time and money associated with each solution could be better allocated to other areas of business operations. Tack on the increasing complexity of today’s labeling environment – the struggle becomes understandable - especially as organization’s attempt to cope with scarce IT resources. Fortunately, if your company faces these same process challenges, there is a solution.

The answer is cloud-based labeling. 


But how does cloud-based labeling help? In a nutshell, it simplifies and streamlines your entire labeling process. First, adopting cloud-based labeling reduces the need for maintenance and IT involvement. It also facilitates expansion, providing flexibility to scale labeling across a global enterprise. On top of that, cloud-based labeling reduces operational costs and provides financial predictability. Moreover, a cloud-based deployment mitigates the need for extensive disaster recovery plans and facilitates automatic software updates. All of these benefits could not be more important as we all navigate this “new normal” where having access to all mission critical applications and data is crucial.

As part of Loftware's annual Top 5 Trends in Labeling and Artwork Management Report, respondents identified that simplifying maintenance and deployment of labeling process is critical to supply chain success. In fact, 93% of respondents believe that simplified maintenance would be a key advantage for standardizing and centralizing their labeling solution. For more information, download the Top 5 Trends Report.

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