Taming the Barcode Labeling Beast

by Mary Cate Flaherty, on December 6, 2016

dummies.pngWhen it comes to making barcode labeling work across global supply chains, many organizations have tried to reach their evolving needs through a variety of homegrown solutions, custom solutions, third-party products, or native enterprise resource planning functionality. However these solutions don't get the job done adequately. 

The problem is that solutions that aren't integrated can't always meet the challenges of global supply chains. They may not be equipped to keep up with the changes in business processes that a global company requires. 

These solutions may seem appealing initially. For one thing, they may have the appearance of being cost-effective because they focus on a narrower part of the organization. Whether you're using internal resources to develop custom applications or hiring a system integrator, you may find something that seems like it's just what you need to meet exisiting requirements. These solutions are often difficult or costly to maintain, which can lead to downtime and loss of productivity. 

The lesson is: Look down the road. You can't always be sure what the future holds or where your organization will be heading, but you'll be thankful if the vehicle you acquire can go the distance. 

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