Suppliers Depend On New Technology To Support Efficiency

by Maureen Perroni, on November 28, 2016

supply-chain-labelingToday's shopping economy is heavily reliant on speed. It isn't just due to online shopping habits - though those have put a lot of pressure on retailers and their suppliers to deliver products quickly. New approaches to retail, such as omnichannel marketing, have also played a role.

The fact is that if consumers cannot find a product in stores or on their favorite shopping websites, they typically will not wait patiently. Instead, they'll seek out other sellers, many of whom are only a few clicks away. Retailers have never had more of an incentive to keep both their physical and digital shelves stocked, and they rely on their suppliers to help them do that.

"The biggest tool for logistics professionals is Enterprise Labeling." Find out more about the benefits of this approach when you download our the VDC Report.

An article on Supply Chain Digital argues that technological advances are making this possible. Suppliers can use GPS tracking to have much more exacting control over their trucking fleets. For instance, they can track these vehicles in real-time and divert their planned routes in the event of bad weather or road incidents.

But the biggest tool for logistics professionals is Enterprise Labeling, which ensures that suppliers can keep careful track of each product they produce and ship. Barcode labels in particular make it easy to scan items as they go out and are received.

Thanks to Enterprise Labeling Solutions, companies can streamline their labeling practices, improve supply chain efficiency and flexibility and eliminate the bottlenecks that might otherwise lead to delays. With this system, it is easier and more cost-effective for businesses to produce the labels they need based on a single source of truth.