Smartflow 26.3: Five Enhancements for Managing Packaging Artwork

by Diana Headrick, on December 15, 2021

We’re pleased to launch a new release of our Artwork Management solution, Loftware Smartflow 26.3.

This new release enables users to select pre-approved phrases from the Phrase Library within linked fields in Master Datasheets. This saves time and ensures consistency by leveraging common phrases and translations for content used in packaging projects for product lines or product portfolios.

According to Glen Bradlee, Loftware Director of Product Management: “This update is essential for companies concerned about adhering to customer, regulatory, and branding requirements across their global operations.”

What’s new with Smartflow 26.3?

#1 Expanded access, management, and use of pre-approved common phrases. Smartflow 26.3 enables users to access common phrases stored in its Phrase Library, therefore eliminating the need to re-enter approved copy in Master Datasheets. This enhancement can track where phrases are used, both in Master Datasheets and in projects, allowing users to administer bulk updates across projects.

#2 Provides more flexibility across projects. Smartflow 26.3 provides more flexibility by allowing users to include a Master Datasheet Admin Workflow, which manages the process to edit, update, and approve content used in packaging projects, as a sub-project of a longer project workflow. This eliminates the need to manage two projects separately, making it easier to manage the end-to-end packaging artwork process.

#3 Better oversight of storage usage and concurrent user logins. This update provides Smartflow Admin users with a new page to help them understand their system and storage usage better. This feature also gives Admin users the ability to configure email alerts to a nominated recipient to warn them if they are close to or have exceeded their limits for either storage or concurrent user logins.

#4 More flexibility in changing roles between different departments. This enhancement allows users with a new security group right to change the owner role of a project, not just the project owner.

#5 Adds new email preferences. Smartflow 26.3's new email preferences allow users to opt out of receiving a role-reassignment email if the role has been changed for a specific task. This reduces the number of email notifications sent to all users in the role to which or from that task has been assigned.

If you’d like to save time and money within your Artwork Management workflow, get in touch with one of our packaging artwork professionals today.

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