Revving Up Efficiency in Automotive Labeling

by Craig Hodgson, on September 23, 2016

brochure-enterprise-barcode-labeling-for-automotive-industry.pngThe automotive industry has always relied on a vast and complex supply chain to provide an array of components. Over time, driven by technological changes and globalization, that supply chain has become even more complex and challenging. Cars are now built with more than 30,000 parts. OEMs and their suppliers now span multiple continents. Quality, accuracy, and responsiveness remain paramount in the automotive supply chain.

By treating labeling as a strategic process—and by implementing a standardized, Enterprise Labeling Solution—automotive suppliers and OEMs are able to make shipments more traceable, achieve consistent branding, reduce regulatory costs, eliminate data redundancy, and improve overall efficiencies. And in such a highly competitive industry, where companies are constantly jockeying to meet new consumer demands, that can make all the difference in getting product to market faster. This is why more and more manufacturers—and their partners are looking at labeling to help overcome some of these challenges.

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