Retailers Must Embrace Innovation and Rethink Retail Labeling

by Maureen Perroni, on May 9, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-05-02_at_10.58.40_AM.pngThe world of retail is in a strange spot. On the surface, a reasonably strong economy helped many businesses boost sales numbers throughout 2015. However, many challenges lie just over the horizon - most notably the continuing rise of ecommerce spearheaded by Amazon.

It is clear that the successful retailers of tomorrow will have to embrace innovation, not just in stores but also throughout the supply chain. Their competitors are finding new ways to serve customers while still keeping prices low - think Amazon's push to expand same-day delivery in major cities across the country. So these firms will have to do everything they can to integrate new technology into their operations. In particular, automation is already revolutionizing the supply chain from the moment of manufacture to the point-of-sale. By investigating and implementing new technology, retailers can significantly improve productivity levels.

But it isn't enough for firms to embrace automation without reforming how they do business. A recent article on Packaging World listed some of the many outdated business practices that stand in the way of greater operational efficiency.

For instance, many companies are relying on mobile solutions as part of their automation efforts. Given the growing capabilities of smartphones and other mobile devices, this makes sense. However, the news source pointed out that many businesses are still not developing the workflows necessary to make this function the way they want it to.

Enterprise Labeling Solutions must play a critical role in a competitive retailer's supply chain automation strategy. Loftware's software helps businesses create and distribute high-quality barcode labeling that can meet their needs, while improving consistency and efficiency. By centralizing this process, retailers can break out of the old manner of doing business and realize reform.

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