Reliable barcodes needed for shifting supply chain needs

by Maureen Perroni, on January 22, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-01-21_at_9.49.15_AMManufacturing supply chains are changing. Once upon a time, these were largely linear creations, static in nature and generally located in one country. In today's global economy, supply chains are larger and more complex than ever, and face new challenges from rapidly growing consumer demand.

As supply chains have developed, they have benefited immensely from new technology. Internet-connected sensors ensure more intelligent and scalable networks, thanks to improved visibility. But in addition to all this new technology, supply chains have also come to rely on the barcodes that have been such crucial tools in the retail industry for years.

Barcodes are a highly reliable way to store information on a product, with an exceptionally small error rate when used properly. As in so many other aspects of manufacturing, implementation is key when it comes to barcodes. Loftware's recent survey of manufacturing professionals found that 47 percent have experienced downtime as a result of labeling disruptions. It doesn't take much to cause a production bottleneck, which can spiral into more severe delays that result in revenue losses and damage client relationships.

Manufacturers that use increasingly complicated supply chains need the ability to manage barcode labeling on an enterprise level. They need the ability to print labels quickly and accurately, and respond to any errors before they can take a toll on the system as a whole. With an Enterprise Labeling Solution, manufacturing businesses can keep products moving, shorten their lead times be more responsive to their changing needs.

To find out more about barcode labeling in a global supply chain, check out this customer webinar.

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