New eGuide: Manage Regulatory Labeling with Confidence

by Craig Hodgson, on April 9, 2018

Managing regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for organizations, particularly those in the Chemical, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries. The stakes are even higher today as companies must balance adherence to strict—often exhaustive, always changing—policies and procedures with the desire to embrace digital transformation and accelerate business to keep up with growing global competition.

This leaves the regulatory affairs as well as quality and compliance personnel in the middle, serving as the conduit between standards bodies or agencies and senior leadership representing manufacturing, supply chain and other key operational functions. The back-and-forth can be dizzying as one side expects compliance at all costs and the other desires getting product to customers faster and more efficiently than ever.

Labeling is one such area that crosses departmental boundaries. For manufacturing and supply chain, the barcode label is the passport that enables the fast identification, transport, tracking and delivery of product—from production line to end customer. For the regulatory manager, that same label must conform to a myriad of regulations and standards, many of which are a moving target due to constant change.

How can your organization ensure labeling compliance with greater speed, agility and control? What are some of the Regulatory Labeling Guide covernew advancements in enterprise label software that dramatically reduce complexity associated with today’s regulations—even as you look to scale business globally?

Get the answers to these and other questions by downloading a brand new eGuide: Toeing the Line with Confidence: 6 Best Practices in Regulatory Labeling to Sustain Compliance. It’s a quick read with helpful tips that can pay huge dividends down the road. Enjoy!

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