Live Webinar - Givaudan’s Success Story: Optimizing Barcode Labeling in SAP

by Jessica Plourde Hutter, on May 20, 2016

Barcode Labeling in SAP

Organizations that want to leverage investments in their SAP systems are recognizing that labeling plays a critical role in the production and distribution of their products as well. Barcode labeling solutions, which today entail much more than just the printing of barcodes, can be fully integrated with key SAP processes to effectively and efficiently manage labeling across the supply chain, and throughout the product lifecycle. Done correctly, labeling plays a big part in helping an organization meet customer and regulatory requirements, increasing time to market and cutting costs.

In our upcoming live webinar hosted by SAPinsider, you can find out how Givaudan, a leader in the fragrance and flavor industry, was able to optimize barcode labeling in SAP across their global supply chain. During the webinar, Robert Sacks, Output Management and Automation Lead of the SAP Competency Center for Givaudan, will outline how Givaudan deployed an enterprise labeling solution in its SAP landscape using its SAP competency center.

Find out how with Givaudan's global supply chain growing at a swift pace, their labeling requirements were becoming increasingly complex, with a wide range of regional variations and regulatory requirements to accommodate. During this webinar, Mr. Sacks will review how Givaudan was able to leverage their SAP system as a source of truth for label data and trigger labeling directly from their SAP system.  He also will review how they were able to manage their labeling across 52 sites worldwide to quickly and efficiently respond to regulatory and market-driven requirements across their global landscape.

To find out more about how Givaudan and other Loftware customers are able to use optimize barcode labeling from SAP and across their global supply chain, visit Loftware’s labeling solutions for SAP page or register for the upcoming webinar which is hosted by SAPinsider.

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