Best Practice: Integrate Your Labeling with Oracle in the Cloud

by Maureen Perroni, on June 27, 2018

The rise in globalization, new emerging markets and advancing technologies has resulted in a highly competitive market.To manage their dynamics, and stay ahead of the competition, leading companies are turning to Oracle for their barcode labeling solutions. This maximizes efficiencies and extends the possibility that the supply chain offers to achieve healthier top and bottom lines. Forward-thinking organizations are also starting to recognize that labeling plays a direct role in achieving these results.

The best way to manage labeling in today’s complex supply chain and Oracle environment, whether it’s on-premise with the eBusiness or in the Cloud, is to integrate with an Enterprise Labeling Solution. This allows you to leverage the power of applications such as Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) to source label data without having to alter your existing business processes. 
It allows them to standardize and offer consistency throughout their operations, while maximizing existing investments and eliminating the need to retrain users. The approach replaces multiple, disparate, locally controlled data sources with data from Oracle to prevent data replication to other sources and eliminate labeling errors. It also removes the need for countless permutations of label templates. Integrating your labeling with Oracle allows you to effectively and efficiently manage labeling across the supply chain, enabling you to meet customer and regulatory requirements, scale globally, enable traceability, improve time to market and enhance your supply chain.

How can Oracle increase my response to customer and regulatory labeling changes? How can integrating Enterprise Labeling with Oracle save time and money for my business? These are just a few of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself.
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