New Report: Uncovering Dramatic Savings in the Supply Chain

by Craig Hodgson, on June 13, 2017

A core best practice of enterprise labeling is “extending labeling to business partners” but what are the real bottom-line benefits of this practice? How can you calculate the potential savings of sharing label templates with suppliers? Does it really save companies millions of dollars in operational costs to go along with freed up working capital? The answer is “absolutely!” and this new report “Move Inventory Faster. It Starts with the Label.” explains how you can do the same—and realize significant gains in supply chain efficiency as well.

Written especially for supply chain and logistics professionals across all industries, this report takes a look at the current process of working with blog post cover.jpgsuppliers, which often includes the relabeling of inbound raw materials. This not only has an immediate cost in time and labor, but it also has a ripple effect on inventory management. Think about it. If it takes a few extra days before supplies can move from the dock to inventory or production, companies must compensate and keep additional buffer stock on hand—which takes up expensive storage space and adds to their upfront capital costs.

Find out how enterprise labeling can help you “Move Inventory Faster” to eliminate wasteful relabeling, streamline inventory positions, and deliver greater efficiencies across the extended supply chain. The end result: upwards of $20 - $25M in annual operational and working capital savings.

Download the report and discover how advancements in labeling enable you to:

  • Increase velocity of inbound receiving
  • Reduce inventory to help achieve JIT goals
  • Respond faster to course corrections
  • Prioritize orders, keep suppliers in check
  • Eliminate wasteful relabeling of supplier goods—once and for all

How much can you save? The paper helps you calculate that, too, with some proven formulas that have worked for other customers. See for yourself how supply chain labeling software can make a measurable difference to your operation. Check out the report now.

 Download Report Now

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