Modern Warehousing and Inventory Coming to Supply Chains

by Max Manikian, on May 18, 2017

Effective warehouses can benefit from modern labeling.
Effective warehouses can benefit from modern labeling.

There is more than one way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a business within the manufacturing supply chain. In an era of acceleration and global competition, leaders owe it to themselves and their organizations to explore the possibilities. As processes become faster and more efficient from highly automated factory floors to omnichannel retail outlets, opportunities for productive change have appeared at each of these levels.

Rewards from the Warehouse

Companies looking for process improvements in warehousing and inventory management will naturally turn to technology to get the savings they're looking for. They'll simply have to figure out which particular innovations will have the biggest impact. Manufacturing Business Technology contributor Mark Humphlett recommended making scanners and barcode labeling part of the modernization effort.

The more products a warehouse has to store, the more effective barcode labeling will be at saving time and money. Humphlett explained that companies using good labeling and scanning solutions can see accuracy improvements. Making each order a little more efficient in a system that processes many complex operations every day quickly adds up to major savings.

Effective warehouse operations call for data access.Effective warehouse operations call for data access. 

Data is Money

When companies have easy access to data on the objects moving through their warehouses, they gain an immediate edge over those that don't have visibility. Data Informed contributor Bernard Marr underlined the possible process improvements that come with access to more data points and a strategy to match. Organizations that use their information intelligently are poised to become more productive at a lower cost, and reliable Enterprise Labeling Solutions are integral in accessing a key data sources for accurate and consistent labeling.

Every Link of the Supply Chain

Companies from manufacturers to shippers and retailers should consider barcode labeling as an efficiency-boosting strategy. They should also ensure that they aren't working in isolation, as information passing between partner organizations can further increase the accuracy and effectiveness of operations. In an era of competition and growth, this is one way to stay in the conversation.

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