Modern Warehouse Management: Barcodes Everywhere

by Max Manikian, on February 23, 2018

Bracodes and warehouses go together, and the connection is deepening.

The era of warehouses managed manually is quickly passing into history. Today's fulfillment and distribution centers are too large - and must operate too quickly - to work without ample automation. The information systems needed to make automated equipment run include barcode label systems, as this machine-readable form of data has become a standard.

Companies must ensure their warehouse management systems are integrated closely with their barcode labeling solutions to keep from experiencing communication errors or data inaccuracies.

An age of relentless expansion
Modern Materials Handling reported that the expanding scope of warehouses around the world, driven by e-commerce growth, has brought on a need for tech improvements on a large scale. Barcode labeling systems are becoming more capable of storing and retrieving data with 100 percent accuracy, and corporate leaders are realizing the importance of getting their warehouses' technology infrastructure up to date. Internal failures could lead to competitive failures in a rapidly accelerating commercial era.

Automated speed isn't a worthwhile value to invest in if it comes at the expense of data quality, or companies' ability to track items through their warehouses. Fortunately, today's barcode solutions are capable of reducing error rates while making operations more efficient. Multichannel Merchant contributor Brian Barry focused on the former capability in his recent tech overview, stating that barcode labels and scanners should be omnipresent in warehouses, giving employees numerous ways to log accurate data and cut down on the possibility of human error.

An industry that can't go back
The pace of e-commerce, and the massive back-end operations needs that have come along, aren't likely to recede any time soon. Expectations at all levels of the modern supply chain, all the way to end consumers, have changed. Warehouse managers must consider increasing the speed and accuracy of their operations to be main objectives - ones that barcode labeling can help them address.

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