Med Device Labeling Event Will Speak to Ongoing Challenges—and Opportunities

by Craig Hodgson, on September 26, 2016

Screen_Shot_2015-10-25_at_9.28.11_PM.pngWith the passing of another FDA UDI labeling deadline this week, medical device companies can now, hopefully, take a deep breath and start focusing on the bigger picture (if they haven't already). And that's moving beyond UDI readiness and toward a more sustainable, long-term barcode labeling solution.

As we learned with our Unique Device Identification survey, “Taking the Pulse of UDI Compliance,” earlier this summer, medical device professionals continue to face challenges when it comes to barcode labeling and complying with relevant regulations. Whether it’s still needing support for internal UDI processes or uncertainty that their labeling will scale to support international requirements, many companies are just not there yet in terms of having a single, standardized medical device label software solution.

Good thing there are events like next week’s Q1 Productions’ 5th Semi-Annual Medical Device Labeling & Packaging conference, being held Sept 29 and 30 in Phoenix, AZ. Featuring over 40 speakers from the FDA, industry, academia, standards committees and healthcare practice, the event promises to deliver insights into the most recent trends to optimize medical technology labeling and packaging. Indeed, many of the sessions look beyond current UDI regulations and focus on future needs like global regulations and lessons learned from the most recent deadline.

Several industry thought leaders will share their expertise to help attendees overcome ongoing hurdles related to medical device labeling, including understanding label translation and localization requirements, and how to manage third-party supplier labeling operations. Even with the most recent UDI deadline behind them, companies can still learn best practices to improve and optimize their strategies and seamlessly adapt to international requirements without taking a step back with their program.

Loftware will certainly be there to discuss innovations in Enterprise Labeling that are helping medical device companies not just comply with U.S. and international regulations, but deliver significant gains in supply chain efficiency. By integrating labeling tightly with SAP, Oracle and other enterprise applications, customers ensure label accuracy, keep up with changing requirements, and—maybe most importantly—reduce operational costs. Something all medical device professionals strive for in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

If you are going to the Q1 Productions’ event, please stop by the Loftware booth  and chat with our medical device labeling experts. You’ll learn that there is a strategic difference in how to approach evolving labeling requirements—and maintain a business advantage. To further entice you, we’ll also have some fun giveaways, including a hard copy of our recently published book, “Enterprise Labeling for Dummies,” the definitive source on how to better understand and evaluate enterprise labeling solutions. For dummies and non-dummies alike.

For those who aren’t attending the event, we’ll miss seeing you—but feel free to download the complimentary “Enterprise Labeling for Dummies” eBook. And don’t hesitate to contact our medical device specialists to help turn your specific labeling challenges into real opportunities for you.

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