Managing regulatory & customer requirements with Enterprise Labeling

by Maureen Perroni, on February 25, 2016

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_9.34.06_AMHaving an Enterprise Labeling Solution means you are able to automate your labeling process and utilize business logic to deal with extensive variability.

With this approach, business users can access the labeling solution to address any necessary changes without having to involve IT.  They can deal directly with the customer to meet regulatory or customer specific transactions in a timely and less intensive way, using less technical resources.

This approach is more cost effective with quicker time to market. When a company uses an Enterprise Labeling Solution, they can dynamically change label content so they can easily manage regional, language and any customer specific requirements. Any changes and updates can be made in hours or days rather than months so that deadlines can be met.

An Enterprise Labeling Solution also offers symbologies, tools, and integration to sources of regulatory data to make sure the needs of each customer is being met throughout each channel of a company’s supply chain. This type of centralized label management can help ensure that your labeling has consistency and that your company is adhering to regulatory guidelines throughout your company’s global supply chain. This approach also removes the threat of mislabeling.

For more on addressing variability through Enterprise Labeling check out our full FAQ on the topic.

Variability in Labeling