Time to Market - Your Competitive Edge

by Ashley Tartaglia, on October 27, 2021

Severe supply chain disruptions and shifting product demand have been frustrating companies since the very beginning of the pandemic, and even now these are still major factors impacting business models. When putting together our Top 5 Trends Report for Labeling and Packaging Artwork in 2021, we polled nearly 1,000 professionals from organizations across all major industries and 55 countries and found that fifty-seven percent of respondents reported an increase in pressure to bring products to market during the pandemic. This pressure has created an environment of higher competition than usual, and by extension an increased urgency among businesses to eliminate inefficiencies from processes.

Coupled with increasing regulatory and customer mandates, these forces have encouraged companies to optimize existing processes wherever possible. Driven by a need to reduce time to market and maintain greater agility in managing supply chain operations, many of these companies are highlighting labeling and artwork processes as areas with high potential for optimization. Compared to a process with many different working parts and possible overlap, the prospect of an end-to-end solution that can meet the full scope of a company’s labeling and packaging artwork needs is an appealing answer to the question of how to more competitively bring products to market especially in the COVID era.

In fact, among those we polled, seventy-three percent believed that a single solution for management and printing of both labels and packaging artwork would reduce time to market and provide a competitive edge. This is to say that a unified solution can be a difference maker, allowing users to target obstacles preventing growth head on. In this economic climate, where slow time to market can make the difference between survival and bankruptcy, the benefits of speeding up processes cannot be ignored - So here’s an argument for how adopting a holistic labeling and artwork solution can provide the upper hand:

End-to-end labeling and packaging artwork solutions allow companies to eliminate extra steps, diminishing the likelihood of avoidable mistakes and giving them the flexibility to meet unforeseen problems quickly when they do occur. This means a solution that can enable centralized management of source content, label formats, approval processes and workflows can thereby guarantee a high level of accuracy and consistency that can be monitored in one place. By streamlining labeling and packaging, companies can free themselves from redundancies, extended turnaround times for new and existing products, and avoidable risks that might have resulted in missed delivery dates, fines, unhappy customers, etc. This all equates to getting products to market first, which can make all the difference.

Also consider that as companies look to launch products faster and expand into new markets, meeting common labeling and packaging requirements becomes increasingly complex. Simultaneously managing the demands of varied regional and regulatory requirements while moving products with ever-greater speed is no easy feat, but businesses capable of achieving symmetry in these two spaces will see added productivity and have a significant advantage over competitors when it comes to meeting demand. A singular, holistic approach can make achieving these goals tenable, simplifying the hurdles of global expansion.

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