Make Regulatory Noncompliance a Thing of the Past with Enterprise Labeling

by Maureen Perroni, on July 27, 2018

You strive for a forward-thinking supply chain. You aim to respond fast to the ever-changing conditions in which your organization operates. 

But do you consistently accomplish that? Do regulations get in the way of your time to market, add supply chain complexities and diminish agility? Does noncompliance threaten your overall profitability and customer satisfaction? There is a way to manage compliance and keep moving forward.

An Enterprise Labeling Solution provides the pathway to help ensure a highly responsive supply chain with reduced operating costs and faster time to market. To get a peek into the significant benefits Enterprise Labeling can deliver to you, read Enterprise Labeling: A Supply Chain Strategic Imperative.

Enterprise Labeling - Too good to be true?

If you're an experienced supply chain professional, you have faced numerous challenges – many of them related to compliance. Regulations that constantly evolve. Your company expanding to emerging markets.  New customers with new requirements. The list goes on. You have navigated these waters in many ways with labeling playing a key role to compliance. But how difficult was it to get there?  

While many organizations understand that labeling is critical in the supply chain, they often take it for granted and continue to rely on disparate, siloed labeling solutions that are prone to errors or delays and aren't integrated with your other core processes. That's where Enterprise Labeling can make a huge difference by redefining how you create, manage and print labels across your organization and your extended supply chain. 

Why you should care

Depending on your industry, regulations can be complex and dynamic. GHS for chemicals, UDI and MDR for medical device, and FSMA for food & beverage are some examples. You know that a mistake in your labeling can result in significant penalties and fines that severely hurt your bottom line, not to mention your reputation. You may also encounter potential litigation costs, missed deadlines, returned products, lost opportunities and even lost customers.

New product introductions along with entering new markets around the world add complexity to your already complex supply chain. Consider the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and its impact on the pharmaceutical industry. The spirit of this regulation is to accomplish full traceability throughout the global supply chain, from product to patient. GS1 standards and barcodes follow a similar intent to enhance the end-to-end visibility and control of food, medical devices, apparel and other products as they traverse the value chain.

 At this point, you may be wondering how it's possible to stay compliant. Find out by downloading the Regulatory Labeling Guide: 6 Best Practices to Sustain Compliance.

Are you ready for a compliant, agile supply chain?

At Loftware, we are ready to help you succeed, as we have done with many customers in highly regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. Achieve and sustain compliance with greater efficiency and agility. Watch the webinar on how Loftware Spectrum – the cloud-based Enterprise Labeling solution - provides a new approach to supply chain labeling.