Labeling Validation—In Under 8 Weeks: A Case Study

by Craig Hodgson, on August 25, 2017

Solution validation in Life Sciences can be an exhaustive, complicated process. The stress level gets higher when there’s a critical deadline looming.

Such was the case for a leading provider of lab research products and technologies. Recently acquired, theVAP case study cover.jpg company was pressured by the parent organization to validate its barcode labeling software as part of a global integration project. Complicating matters was the integration of the labeling within SAP, which also had to undergo the same process.

Another requirement—to be met in parallel with validation—was that the labeling conform to an inherited set of SOPs including adherence to GAMP5 best practices for automated manufacturing. Already a tall order, the final hurdle was that the project be completed in time to test the whole SAP system just 8 weeks away.

Read how they leveraged the Spectrum Validation Accelerator Pack (VAP) from Loftware and USDM Life Sciences to dramatically reduce the time (and cost) of implementing a validated, compliant labeling solution—and check all the boxes.  It's in this new case study. Check it out.

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