Labeling Is Still Important In Automated Industries

by Ken Allen, on July 21, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-07-15_at_10.53.11_AM.pngIn an automated manufacturing future, labeling is just as important as ever.
Manufacturers have historically used mechanization to extract more productivity out of their workforce. This has culminated in record-high production levels, even in nations like the U.S. where the actual number of factory employees has been falling for decades.

Now, it appears that the next step forward for the industry will be the widespread adoption of automation. To some observers, this marks an entirely different stage in the industrial timeline, one that will define how products are made for years to come.

"Both color labeling and barcodes will become more necessary for both machines and their operators."

In an interview with Benzinga, Tom Kelley, COO of Automation Alley, called the latest period of automation "Industry 4.0." He explained that it would consist of a rethinking of the relationship between the machines that make up plant infrastructure and the computers that already play a major role in running them.

"In a nutshell, it is the marriage of the physical world with the digital world," Kelley said. "What it means is the ability to model, replicate, simulate and visualize the physical plant."

This means more investment in robots that will act in concert with each other to create products faster and with greater efficiency. But one important aspect of this process that cannot be overlooked is labeling for part identification. Both color labeling and barcodes will become more necessary for both machines and their operators to select the components that are needed.

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