Labeling in SAP? Join the Webinar on How Merck KGaA Got Control of 32M Labels

by Sally-Anne Brown, on November 9, 2020

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Labeling in SAP can be complex. Especially when you have multiple solutions around the globe and none of them are talking to each other. For most companies, labeling is can be an afterthought and many are just using out of the box software rather than a configurable solution to meet their unique labeling requirements. The good news is when you use a standardized Enterprise Labeling approach that integrates directly with you business applications you can save time and money.

When you standardize and centralize labeling from your sources of truth you know that your labeling will be accurate, consistent and up to date. You'll also be able to significantly reduce your number of label templates and therefore reduce maintenance. Additionally, it can take a very long time to incorporate label changes or updates for those companies labeling in SAP. This is because it's necessary to know ABAP to make a label change and that generally requires waiting for IT to implement and make changes live. Unfortunately, that means it can take weeks and sometimes even months for a label change. 

With a browser-based, Enterprise Labeling solution, business users can make those changes instantly and you can allow sites all over the world to get access to those label and label templates with the touch of a mouse.

In our upcoming webinar, Andreas Ehlers, Head of Digital Transformation & Hazard Communication at Merck KGaA will discuss how they standardized and centralized labeling with certified integration from SAP to get control of 32 million labels.

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