Labeling and Artwork Management Converge as One

by Josh Roffman, on March 7, 2018

For years labeling and packaging artwork have been separate, often siloed processes. But as the functions have become increasingly complex with more stakeholders and stricter requirements, we’re seeing some crossover in execution. Labels and packaging not only share similar images, branding and text, but similar challenges. More than ever before, these two, traditionally distinct areas are converging to the point where customers are looking for a faster, easier way to manage and scale labeling and artwork management across their global operations.

With Loftware’s recent acquisition of Gap Systems, a leading provider of SaaS-based artwork management solutions, that convergence begins today. And how companies create, manage and print complex labeling and packaging artwork will never be the same.

New Digital Platform Delivers Best of Both Worlds

Combining Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling Solutions for the supply chain with Gap Systems’ ability to manage complex packaging artwork processes throughout the product lifecycle, Loftware delivers a powerful, cloud-based digital platform that uniquely addresses the full spectrum of labeling and packaging artwork requirements. Now customers from a broad range of industries—whether they use the platform for labeling, artwork management or both—will be able to improve time to market, mitigate risk, reduce supply chain complexity, optimize costs and increase agility.

If you’d like to learn more about the acquisition and Gap Systems, check out this video update featuring Loftware President and CEO Robert O’Connor.

While we see customers in all industries benefiting from this breakthrough platform, companies in the highly regulated industries of Pharma, Medical Device, Food & Beverage and Chemicals will realize significant gains in efficiency. Stakeholders that must manage complicated requirements such as pictograms, warnings, unique IDs, translations and other content have an advanced, yet easy-to-use solution to support the broadest scope of regulatory labeling and artworks, while dramatically shortening review and approval cycles in a validated environment.

Leveraging Two Flagship Products

This revolutionary platform brings together two leading, innovative products in labeling and artwork management. Loftware Spectrum is the industry’s first all-in-one Enterprise Labeling Solution to meet high-volume, ever-changing supply chain labeling requirements, while Gap Systems’ Smartflow manages complex packaging artwork processes to maintain control, simplify processes and obtain visibility across the product lifecycle. Together, they provide customers numerous, value-added features including label and artwork design, advanced workflow, content management, certified integration, dynamic data-driven printing, proofing and analytics.

A Transformative Game-Changer

In discussions we’ve had with customers, it became abundantly clear that many were struggling with managing the growing complexities of their supply chains and go-to-market packaging content. With the acquisition of Gap Systems and the creation of this new digital platform, Loftware now brings a unified approach to handle customer, product, regulatory and regional complexities that impact both labeling and artwork management—whether it is on traditional packaging, online or in the supply chain.

Available for SaaS, cloud-based or on-premise deployment, this new platform transforms the label and artwork management space, providing a full range of capabilities all in one scalable, highly configurable set of solutions. For customers, this means unsurpassed visibility and control to dynamically address regulatory mandates, guarantee consistency, mitigate risk, reduce complexity, ensure traceability and optimize cost.

The Future is Now

To learn more about the acquisition and this industry shift, register for our upcoming webinar “How Loftware’s Acquisition of Gap Systems Transforms Labeling and Artwork Management”. Loftware President and CEO Bob O’Connor will be joined by Gap Systems CEO and Managing Director Paul Goldberg as they discuss the convergence of labeling and artwork management—and the impact the new cloud-based digital platform will have on you and the industry.


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