Join Our Webinar With GS1 US on July 14th

by Sam Ireland, on July 2, 2020

Sign-up for our webinar with GS1 US taking place on Wednesday, July 14th at 11am ET, where we will be exploring how you can deliver supply chain continuity with GS1 Standards.


Together with GS1 US, we will be looking at how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted supply chains around the world and what it means for labeling. We will explore some of the many challenges this has presented organizations and identify best practices and learnings to help minimize future disruption.


As organizations have responded to supply chain challenges, labeling has come to the forefront. Many organizations have had to alter their manufacturing processes, with some having to pivot production completely. As a result, labeling has had to be agile in supporting the business to implement the required changes at pace, and compliantly.


GS1 US will outline best-practice and recent trends relating to maintaining supply chain continuity in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. And we’ll look at how Enterprise Labeling can be the key to helping you embed the required agility and responsiveness into your labeling processes to ensure supply chain continuity. Including how an Enterprise Labeling approach gives you the ability to integrate labeling data with your sources of truth as well as centralizing mission-critical labeling across your supply chain.


The webinar will run for around 45 minutes, including allowing time for Q&A. Don’t miss out and sign-up today.


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