It's Not Just Barcode Labeling Software Anymore

by Maureen Perroni, on August 15, 2017

ELabeling.jpgLabeling is no longer a tactical necessity and goes well beyond barcode software. Labeling has become a strategic imperative and C–Level executives are recognizing labeling as a mission–critical component that impacts both their top and bottom lines.

Enterprise Labeling offers a new approach to barcode labeling. It offers a smarter and more efficient way of doing business. This model, which provides standardization and centralization, enables companies to achieve labeling consistency and flexibility to support changing requirements and provides a labeling platform that is scalable and easily supported and maintained.

Global companies are beginning to understand that they need to develop a labeling strategy alongside their supply chain strategy and Enterprise Labeling offers that opportunity. This comprehensive approach allows companies to meet all of the challenges of functioning in today’s global supply chain. 

Executive Vice President of Enterprise Mobility & Connective Devices at VDC Research, David Krebs agrees with the importance of this new barcode labeling approach stating, "Companies are clearly thinking more globally today and those supply chain executives that view the label as critical component in embracing this new interconnected, flexible and efficient supply chain model, are poised to sustain a competitive advantage in their market."

Enterprise Labeling integrates labeling processes with business processes to standardize mission-critical labeling. This dynamic and data-driven approach, which allows businesses to react to evolving customer, regional and regulatory requirements, empowers business users to quickly and efficiently design and maintain barcode labels. It also ensures consistency across a global supply chain enabling companies to meet performance and scalability requirements with the power and flexibility to support complex, global and high volume labeling requirements. 

To find out more about the "Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling" check out our report Loftware co-sponsored with VDC Research.

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