Integrating barcode labeling with Oracle

by Maureen Perroni, on June 20, 2017

Oracle environments should be integrated with labeling solutions.
Oracle environments should be integrated with labeling solutions.

Today's supply chain businesses are only as effective as their software. Operations can be scattered around the world, with organizations building coherent strategies despite collaborating from different sides of the globe. These fast-paced, complex and precarious models can fall apart without the right software. This includes enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other tools from providers such as Oracle.

If labeling solutions aren't integrated with Oracle environments, the result may be losses of speed."

Leaders must be sure that all their mission-critical solutions can exchange information with one another. If tools such as barcode label solutions aren't integrated with Oracle environments, the results may be breakdowns in communication and a loss of speed and agility.

Oracle in the Supply Chain

Companies that go with Oracle as their provider of ERP and other workplace software will find an expanding environment of cloud-based business tools. Supply Chain Management Review noted in May that the software provider has recently released new Logistics Cloud updates. Users will have easy access to transportation and customs management processes, helping them move goods around the world.

Today's logistics organizations, with operations that span the globe, will want to ensure the tools they choose are able to run in the cloud on a Software-as-a-Service model. Oracle's Chris Murphy noted for Forbes that Oracle has rewritten its ERP from scratch to suit the cloud. Furthermore, he suggested that there are more supply chain offerings still to come.

Integration with barcode labeling

When a company's software tools work together smoothly, it can move at high speed, with a flow of accurate data flowing from one solution to another. This is why it's important for supply chain companies working with Oracle to look for Oracle Validated Integration-certified tools to expand their capabilities into areas such as labeling.

These Oracle labeling solutions offer the ability to take data from the Oracle environment or keep files up to date when changes are made. There are many separate everyday business apps in the Oracle suite, and when they are integrated with labeling software, users gain flexibility without complexity.

For more on integrating your labeing with Oracle check out our recently published paper on that topic.

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