Integrated Labeling to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

by Maureen Perroni, on June 28, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-01-21_at_9.16.37_AM.pngIntegrated labeling supports consistency and supply chain efficiency in multiple ways. From a consistency perspective, integrating labeling with enterprise applications and the key sources of truth for label data ensures labeling accuracy.

When you’re working in an environment with multiple dispersed locations around the globe, driving label printing from your transactional system through an integrated labeling solution helps to ensure you’re going to get the same information that you need on those labels whether you’re printing in Singapore or Switzerland. 

When we look at labeling from an efficiency perspective, integrated labeling ultimately is important for automating many of the manual processes that often cause labeling errors and inconsistency of labeling across the supply chain. Having an integrated solution enables you to drive labeling from the transactions that occur with the business processes that you already have in place, rather than having to create a non-value added processes this is specific to labeling. This approach means driving labeling from existing processes rather than having a disconnected approach where you’re performing one function that’s specific to a transaction and business process and another process that’s central to producing labels. In short what we’re talking about is being able to automate the labeling process from your existing business processes.

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