Integrate Your Labeling With Oracle®

by Maureen Perroni, on February 24, 2017

The best way to manage barcode labeling in today’s complex supply chain and Oracle environment, whether it’s on-premise with the eBusiness or in the Cloud, is to integrate with an Enterprise Labeling Solution. This allows you to leverage the power of applications such as Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) to source label data without having to alter your existing business processes.
It allows companies to standardize and offer consistency throughout their operations, while maximizing existing investments and eliminating the need to retrain users. The approach replaces multiple, disparate, locally controlled data sources with data from Oracle to prevent data replication to other sources and eliminate labeling errors. It also removes the need for countless permutations of label templates.

There are many benefits that organizations running on Oracle realize when integrating with an Enterprise Labeling Solution. Those organizations are able to leverage the value of their Oracle deployment more fully to meet the requirements of a global enterprise while drawing on Oracle as a source of truth. Ultimately, integrating labeling with Oracle allows these companies to standardize labeling for accuracy and consistency, enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently to customer and regulatory requirements while also dramatically cutting costs, simplifying maintenance and improving time to market.

We've developed a paper that takes a look at today’s supply chain pressures and explains how Enterprise Labeling can seamlessly integrate with your Oracle platform to bring your company’s labeling to the next level and make a measurable difference for your business. It also touches on some of the pitfalls of managing labeling at a local level. It will highlight the benefits that Oracle-based organizations realize when deploying an Enterprise Labeling Solution that integrates to Oracle. Those include:

  • Meet Enterprise Class Requirements
  • Draw Data from The Source of Truth
  • Meet High Volume Global Print Requirements
  • Dramatically Cut Costs And Simplify Maintenance With Labeling Business Rules
  • Improve Customer Responsiveness And Time To Market

For more on integrating your supply chain labeling with Oracle download the paper today!

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