Increase Barcode Labeling Stability

by Maureen Perroni, on April 19, 2017

Software that can run in more than one environment helps labeling functions stay up to speed.
Software that can run in more than one environment helps labeling functions stay up to speed.

Labeling is an essential process to any supply chain company. When there are disruptions to a company's labeling it means bringing production to a grinding halt. This is because the label is the products passport and therefore items can't go out the door and move the supply chain to the intended destination without proper labeling. Many barcode labeling software options don't allow users to work on labeling functions outside of the production environment. Working on new settings means tinkering directly with a mission-critical application, and server outages bring all labeling activity to a halt. Enterprise Labeling solutions that support mirroring to non-production environments and disaster recovery servers help mitigate these issues.

Beyond the production environment
It's not unusual for organizations to run enterprise software in a host of different environments. Testing new features and rolling out updated settings are easier this way - however, it's an approach that can go overlooked for labeling. When leaders see how vital their labeling efforts are to keeping operations moving, they realize the need for labeling software mirrored to several environments.

Everyday labeling operations, such as adding new printers to the system or working with new templates, are safe and easy when carried out in a non-production environment. Team members can design versions here and roll them out when called for. If the labeling software includes in-depth versioning tools, users can inspect the history of a label design, approve a new version created in the non-production environment, publish it and bring it into use.

Barcode labeling software is mission-critical and deserving of focus.Barcode labeling software is mission-critical to supply chain operations.

Software that knows its worth
Treating labeling as an afterthought is a mistake that companies can't afford to make. Failure to have barcode labels ready to go means production of any type of finished product has to stop. This is why it's important to work with labeling software that can be used in the same flexible and functional ways as enterprise-critical applications including ERP, WMS and others systems. Peace of mind in IT comes when every application is stable and effective, and that includes labeling.

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