Improve Your Packaging Artwork Processes with Smartflow 26.2

by Diana Headrick, on September 27, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Loftware Smartflow 26.2, a new release of our automated artwork management software.

This new release, which introduces Master Datasheets, strengthens users’ ability to enforce consistency and control content used in packaging, labels, and other documents.

What’s new?

Using one central location for packaging content, Smartflow 26.2 enables users to curate, review and approve content for product lines or product portfolios and provides pre-approved content that can be used to create multiple new artwork projects to speed time to market.

Other developments include the ability to configure the time and date stamp to a specific time zone, making it easier for companies with global operations to understand when changes were made relative to geography. Additionally, Smartflow 26.2 includes support for the Microsoft Edge browser, which is Microsoft’s replacement for its legacy Internet Explorer browser.

How can Smartflow 26.2 enhance existing processes?

According to Glen Bradlee, Loftware Director of Product Management, “Smartflow’s biggest benefits lie in its ability to facilitate collaboration and increase speed to market. This release builds upon that value by allowing product packaging teams to work together using a controlled process. It also permits users to curate content for all their products in one central location, which they can easily locate, manage, use, and reuse as much as needed.”

Smartflow 26.2’s new Master Datasheets makes it easier to view content over an entire product line or range of product lines, allowing users to better understand and manage the impact of regulatory changes or legal updates on their artwork content.

Moreover, Master Datasheets increases flexibility with a workflow managed review and approval process that tracks all comments, rejections, approvals, and changes. It also eliminates the need to search through multiple locations for images or files, so users can quickly and accurately manage bulk changes.

What’s the verdict?

Earlier this year, Mariani Packing Company, the world’s largest family-owned producer of premium quality dried fruit, selected Loftware’s Smartflow solution to automate their packaging artwork management processes.

Kristine Bonovich, Mariani Packing Senior Business Manager, said: “Smartflow can be completely customized for all of our business requirements, while offering a workflow solution that can help in other areas of our business, supporting our companywide Continual Improvement Process (CIP) initiative. Smartflow provides infinite possibilities.”

If you’d like to save time and money within your artwork management workflow, get in touch with one of our packaging artwork professionals today.

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