Can Your Labeling Keep up with Your Business Growth?

by Dalton Litzelman, on June 4, 2019

In today's global business environment, your company needs to have solutions that easily scale and keep pace with the digital transformation. Many companies are serving customers across the world while having suppliers located overseas. To stay on top of the challenges caused by expansion and remain competitive, companies must be forward thinking and plan their global expansion strategy.

There are many reasons why companies are expanding ranging from mergers and acquisition to testing international markets. In most expansion cases you are dealing with a bigger customer base, new supplier relations, and increased regulations. There are also a number of dangers that come along with global expansion. One of the most important areas to consider for your expansion strategy is within your supply chain.

When managing a complex global supply chain, keep in mind that your labeling solution plays a critical role in both your company's supply chain efficiency, as well as your plans for global expansion. It is key to have a flexible, reliable barcode labeling solution that allows you to:

  • Adapt to an increasingly complex supply chain
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Maintain label consistency throughout your global operations
  • Extend labeling to partners and suppliers
  • Maintain Continuous Operations

When you standardize labeling across your global operations you can maintain control and scale more easily. Your labeling solution should offer global oversight over users, printers, and labels to seamlessly collaborate when extending labeling activities. By optimizing the barcode label printing process among your printers and locations, you can print millions of labels a day across hundreds of global sites giving you unlimited printer performance. As a result, you will see a quicker product time to market, reduction in product recalls, elimination of costly mistakes and fines, and much more.

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