McCormick Integrates Labeling with SAP

by Craig Hodgson, on June 28, 2018

In the highly competitive food & beverage market, delays and miscommunication can cost companies upwards of millions of dollars. McCormick & Company understood this as they were faced with a rage of ever-evolving customer and regulatory requirements which impacted their global high volume label printing. 

Transparency is key within business supply chain and implementing a labeling solution that was tightly integrated with their SAP applications was exactly what McCormick needed. McCormick evaluated their labeling processes and realized the need for a centralized solution that could keep up with ever-changing, ever-growing requirements and still ensure the fast, accurate printing of more than 500,000 barcode labels a month.

Before implementing Loftware, McCormick was struggling to keep up with the expanding amount of complex customer and regulatory labeling demands. The company felt the pressure of labeling control issues resulting in upstream delays and significant unnecessary costs. It was then that they realized that an integrated and centralized approach to labeling would ensure consistency to combat some of the challenges they were facing across their supply chain.

With a fully integrated Enterprise Labeling Solution for SAP, McCormick realized greater flexibility by centralizing and standardizing labeling while reducing the number of labeling templates. With Loftware, the company improved labeling accuracy, compliance became much easier to maintain, and collaboration with suppliers has improved with a much faster response to variability.

Read the new case study “McCormick Integrates Labeling with SAP, Prints 500K Labels a Month.” You’ll learn how this manufacturer was able to integrate labeling with SAP to ensure fast, accurate printing of barcode labels while driving greater supply chain efficiency.

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