How Cumberland Packing Corp Reduced Artwork Approval Time by Over 60%

by Robbie Irwin, on March 7, 2022

Cumberland Packing Corp produces and markets six brands in 64 countries across the globe, with product lines that include brands such as The Raw® family of products as well as the iconic Sweet’N Low brand. Customer-facing packaging is one of the most important elements of Cumberland’s business and the ability to accurately and quickly update packaging information is critical. 

The company recently adopted Loftware Smartflow in their quest to create a more efficient packaging artwork review process, ultimately helping to reduce artwork project approval times by an impressive 60%!  

Here are some of the challenges that Smartflow was able to help Cumberland address: 

Email Dependence  

Cumberland’s Artwork Management process was previously centered around the exchange of PDFs and comments via email before feedback could be brought back to designers, and often required multiple rounds of review. The process was completely manual and needed to be repeated for each SKU. But after adopting Smartflow, Cumberland was able to centralize all of their workflow approvals and digital assets onto one system, cutting back on the need for excessive emailing. 

No Single Source of Truth 

A lack of visibility regarding the latest artwork revisions used to be a challenge for Cumberland, which experienced instances of departments printing outdated material as a result of not having the latest version of an asset. Now, with Smartflow, all stakeholders have visibility to correct artwork versions, ensuring that materials are always accurate and up to date. This prevents the risk of needing to undertake expensive reprints and also reduces the burden on Marketing teams who would otherwise need to spend time answering requests for updated materials. 

Little Workflow Visibility 

Because lack of centralization in their review process offered little visibility into what other stakeholders were doing, collecting feedback on artwork projects used to be challenging for Cumberland’s brand managers. Without a window into the work of other individuals, time was spent tracking down others for comments or feedback as needed. Smartflow, on the other hand, highlights individual progress and provides timestamps for each task, keeping people on track and ensuring timely reviews.  

Challenging Translations  

Because of Cumberland’s global presence, the company needs to be able to produce and update packaging in multiple languages. Much of their international packages contain externally sourced information in as many as three to four languages, and Cumberland previously had difficulties gathering all the information that was required upfront. Now, Smartflow has provided Cumberland with a central phrase library that stores common phrases and translations in one location and integrates directly with projects. This capability has allowed the team to track and manage translations easily and without costly re-translations. 

Make sure you attend our webinar with Cumberland on Thursday March 10th at 10am EST to learn how Loftware Smartflow helped them achieve fantastic results for their Artwork Management processes.

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